Why Marx?

Philosophies fall into either one of two basic worldviews, Idealism or Materialism.

Idealism holds that reality is constructed by the mind independent of a material reality, that only mind (and/or spirit) is real.

Materialism states that there is a material/physical world that is independent of the mind, and that it is knowable through experience and observation.

Marx asserts that yes, there is a knowable material reality, but that reality is mediated by an ideologically constructed, and socially and culturally produced, ‘reality’.

Liberal Science

For years I’ve wondered
when did science become a “liberal” thing,
and then it dawned on me, it always has been.

Global Warming Denialism

Here’s my take on global warming denialism. Just as the Theory of Evolution is a refutation of the Biblical creation (see: “The Menace of Darwinism”, William Jennings Bryan), man-made global warming is a refutation of the “all knowing” Capitalist markets. I realize that the basis for denialism is multifaceted involving Biblical Dominion (Genesis 1:26-28) and capital accumulation (market competition), but there is a more foundational, more existential factor that motivates this reactionary conspiracy-theory laden denialism. And that is, if the Capitalist marketplace works as its disciples say it does then it would have corrected the threat on its own. So, to accept that Capitalism is destroying the planet one has to acknowledge that capitalist markets do not self-regulate, the imagined “invisible hand” does not guide the markets for the benefit of society.

Abortion and Capitalism

Why did the anti-contraceptive, anti-abortion movement suddenly crop up in the 19th century? Could it have been the sudden need for factory workers?

Evolution and Belief

Asking the question “do you believe in the Theory of Evolution?” is like asking if you believe in the Theory of Gravity. Belief has nothing to do with it, belief is having faith that something is true which is not susceptible to rigorous proof. A scientific theory is a set of tested propositions that can be used to explain and predict a class of phenomena.

Unseasonably Cold

Isn’t it interesting that when it’s unseasonably cold all you hear from the reactionary propaganda machine (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh et al) is that that is somehow proof that global warming doesn’t exists, but when it’s unseasonably hot you don’t hear a peep from them?