Postmodern Marxian Reality

We have entered a postmodern nightmare, lies have become “refreshing”, untruths are not to be taken “literally”, “even if it’s true it’s not”, “there‚Äôs no such thing” as facts, although, there are “alternative facts”. These are all statements made by followers of Trump, by his apologists. Ironically it is the Right, the reactionaries who have wrapped themselves around the warm comforting arms of Relativism, the relativism they once derided and accused the academic Left of wallowing in. We have entered the world of Jean Baudrillard’s simulacrum, the world of reality TV, of a game show host president, of WWE style campaign rallies, an alternate reality of alternative facts, where the simulation is not just a copy of the real, it has become the real. We have entered a Marxian reality, not of Karl, but of Groucho.

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