The Myth of a Liberal Hollywood

Hollywood sells bourgeois ideology and markets capitalist hegemony. This notion of a liberal Hollywood is a myth created by right-wing reactionaries in order to make them seem the victim of what they imagine as a vast “Radical Left” conspiracy to undermine their dearly held reactionary and philistine believes. They’re angry over what they perceive as liberal control of Hollywood, of academia, of the media, of the “deep state”.

All art is ‘political’, whether overt or not, knowingly or unknowingly. What one chooses to “express” and how one chooses to “express” it is an expression of one’s worldview, one’s ideology. Robert Zemeckis’, the most insidiously reactionary director in Hollywood, “Forrest Gump” is a morality play about ’50s American ‘values’, Forrest, versus the ’60s Hippie Jenny who, even though she eventually sees the error of her ways and repents, she ultimately pays the price of her unwholesome un-American values. And then there’s “Back to the Future” where at the end a suburban White boy bestows upon Chuck Berry a “new sound”, albeit a somewhat sanitized Black R&B guitar riff.

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