Buffalo Christofascist terrorist attack

A crucial factor of the Buffalo Christofascist terrorist attack that is not being addressed, the by politicians or by the media, is the anti-leftist foundation behind the attack. All of the terrorists’ “manifestos”, from Christchurch to El Paso to Buffalo cite Anders Behring Breivik as an inspiration for their attack. Breivik is the Norwegian anti-leftist, anti-socialist, anti-feminist terrorist who massacred 77 of his white Norwegian countryman at a Workers’ Youth League summer camp in 2011. So, why did he kill 77 white, mostly teenage, Norwegians… because they were socialists, he targeted white teenage socialists. This is not meant to ignore or belittle the racial, ethnic, and antisemitic motivation of the Buffalo, Christchurch, El Paso, and Tree of Life Synagogue terrorists but it is easier and less complicated for the media to portray the terrorists as racist and not have to explain, or deal with, the more complex foundational anti-leftist motivation.

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